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2019 Challenge: 10 Plays of 10 Games!


Let’s try to give it a go. For me, this challenge is going to be about exploring more in-depth some game in my collection that I just played more casually up to now.

2 player (these games are not necessarily 2p only but these are the ones that most probably I will play with my wife)

  • Santorini
  • Keyforge
  • Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective (Finish base game and get started on new adventures)
  • 7 Wonders Duel
  • Arboretum
  • Ginkgopolis - with The Experts expansion

Group required

  • Root
  • Fury of Dracula
  • Inis
  • Tokyo Higway


Okay, so general life scheduling torpedoed my list last year. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try again in 2019, right? Hence a mixture of stuff that’ll be on track for 10 plays by the end of January and the gosh-I’d-like-to games that end up on this sort of list just as a reminder to get the right group together more often. So…

The Easy Collection - games my wife and I play when we get a quiet evening. Some of these make game night showings, too.
• Dominion
• Haven (brand-new to us, so fingers crossed we like it)
• Patchwork
• Race for the Galaxy
• Splendor

The Crowd Pleasers - the ones that work with any group on game night. Or with kids on a rainy Saturday.
• Codenames
• Go Cuckoo!
• Sushi Go!

If the Stars Align - the games that need the right folks on the right schedules. (Since almost all of us have small kids, these probably won’t happen.)
• Leaving Earth (but at least I can play it solo)
• Root

I may add on an as-yet-undetermined no. 11, especially if Haven lands with a thud. Or, if like last year, I pick up a big hit like Splendor that sucks time away from all the other games I’d listed.


After reading through this thread, I’ve updated my list. This isn’t final yet, and there are still some caveats.

Small/Quick/Light Games

  • Valeria Card Kingdoms
  • Junk Art
  • 5 Minute Dungeon

Slightly Heavier/more involved games

  • Aeon’s End
  • Seal Team Flix
  • Claustraphonia 1643 / Aristeia! / Rum and Bones 2nd Tide*

Campaign/Scenario driven games

  • Imperial Assault
  • Mechs vs Minions
  • Arkham Horror LCG**

*As far as the Skirmish games, whichever one can hit the table the easiest will be the one. This includes my son grasping the rules, so while Aristeia! May be the shortest, it might not be the one.

**I actually 3 concerns for AH:LCG being on the list;

  1. How soon can I get the base game to the table (just grabbed it on a black Friday sale and the rules are dense!)
  2. Will my GF be into it, or put off by the rules/complexity (hoping as its coop we can make it work)
  3. If the above two don’t slow us down, how quickly can I add content to give us a reason to keep playing beyond a second (or maybe even third) playthrough.

(I still need a 10th)


Its on. Burgle bros gave way to Flamme Rouge as the newer game.


Well, that’s one month down, and a handful of games started.

Just got my copy of Xia yesterday, played two games of it today. I really like it, one of the guys I played with was less enthusiastic (claims there isn’t enough agency). I’m hoping I can convince him to try a 3rd playthrough incorporating the Embers expansion, which apparently makes the game miles better… but I had a really good time.

The announcement of another campaign for Imperial Assault fills me with glee, and a friend has already announced he is buying me Journeys in Middle-Earth for my birthday, so I’m lumping those two together.

Gosh, I have SO MANY good games… tomorrow I go looking for a coffee shop to hold Writers Group meetings at so I can restart that up in February (the old group dissolved a few years ago, so I’m going to restart it because I miss that feedback/pressure), because obviously what I truly need is even less free time.


I’m doing this under BGG rules, in which you pick 11 games and any ten count. I’ve also picked games I can easily solo.

Hostage Negotiator 2
V-Commandos 4
Sagrada 1
Magic Maze 0
The Captain Is Dead 0
Star Realms Frontiers 7
Dice Hospital 0
Flamme Rouge 6
The Networks 0
Renegade 1
Colony 0

Got in a lot of Star Realms with no trouble at all, and I’ve been playing a lot of Flamme Rouge by coincidence which has been great fun. I worry most about the zeroes.


After talking things out with my wife, I think we’ve come up with a 10x10 for the year, though for some reason I’m only remembering 8 of them.

Azul - 10+
Pandemic (ANY flavor, so base, Legacy, Cthulhu, etc.) - 2
Arboretum - 8
Flamme Rouge - 0
The Bloody Inn - 0
Istanbul - 0
Betrayal Legacy - 4
Sheriff of Nottingham (w/Merry Men expansion) - 2
Arkham Horror the card game - 4
Lowlands - 0

EDIT: Added Arkham Horror card game and Lowlands


Tea Dragon Society (1)
Cat Lady (3-4 players)
Flamme Rouge (4)
Reef (1)
Pandemic Legacy: S2
Near and Far (one full campaign)
7 wonders duel with Pantheon
Magic Maze: Max Security (1)
Coimbra (2)


Just about par for the course so far. If we can keep up that pace, I think we have a good chance of making it :slight_smile:


Some favorites there. I just picked up the Venus expansion for Concordia and I’m going to order The Norwegians in the not too distant future


January. I’ve been taking full advantage of my dining room table - only not for, say, actual dining - to set up Leaving Earth with the Outer Planets expansion I received back in November. Even if it takes up two-thirds of the space, it’s nice to be able to stretch a solo game out over two nights if need be. And to reshuffle just the explored cards for a quick second-game setup. It’s not like we’re inviting friends over for a mid-week polar vortex dinner.

Codenames - 3
Dominion - 1
Go Cuckoo! - 3
Haven - 0
Leaving Earth - 4
Patchwork - 1
Race for the Galaxy - 5
Root - 0
Splendor - 5
Sushi Go! - 0

22 plays so far, which seems real solid until Race and Splendor hit their limits. (And keep hitting the coffee table on weeknights.) Optional game slot 11 remains as yet unfilled.


My first time tackling the 10x10 challenge and to be honest I haven’t completely settled on my list yet!! Although I’m going to add some of the stuff I’ve already played this year, is that cheating? I will as lots seem to be doing here split it and have a couple of heavies, some mid weight bits and then some light weight easy to get to the table stuff. Some on my list will be -
A Feast for Odin
Welcome to
Machi Koro - (determined to try the expansions)

Maybes - Arctic Scavengers, Arboretum, Railroad Ink, Flamme Rouge, High Society, Taj Mahal, Brass Birmingham, K2 (using the expanions), probably other stuff will spring to mind!


The “easy” approach is just to play games and mark them up .The “hard” approach starts with a list of games. Generally most people seem to be willing to score up plays even if they weren’t explicitly done for the challenge.


Moving is eating up all my time, so I’m behind already. Just means I’ll have to play more to catch up, right? Also, really should have put Quantum in instead of something else, since I’ve gotten two plays of it in already.

Twilight Imperium 4th Edition (0)
Imperial Assault (0)
Mechs vs. Minions (0)
Pandemic Legacy (0)
Aeon’s End (1)
Merchants and Marauders (0)
Castles of Burgundy (0)
The Mind (3)
Illusion (3)
Cosmic Encounter (0)
Race for the Galaxy (0)


I’m impressed with all the people who have put TI4 on their 10x10. I am hoping to play this three times this year. Anything more and I will consider it gravy…or another condiment I see as improving the food I am eating.


I’ll be happy if I even get it to the table once!


If I have to for TI I’ll probably “cheat” and count TTS games. Haha. I am trying to plan a monthly game, though. Have 3 (counting me) people willing to commit to that, and a couple other people willing to rotate in, so it might be doable.


We’ve managed to get 2 plays in this year so far (and because of my job at a toy store, we “need” to get all 10 done before November because those last two months are hell).

The only “trick” is having 3-5 other players who know the game. Our last play, last week, took less than 5 hours for 5 of us, and we could’ve sped that up a whole heck by using a pre-built galaxy. We even started after I finished work at 5pm, so yeah, it’s not as daunting as it once was.

I’m still coming to grips with how blisteringly fast it is compared to older editions (by Turn 3 you already have to have a plan for your end-game), but yeah, it’s great. Still long, no question, but I wouldn’t even say it’s the longest game in my collection any more.

That stated, Doodle (for planning dates) has been a godsend.


This weekend I got to check off one game from my list! I am doing so much better this year compared to last year:

Azul - 10+
Pandemic (ANY flavor, so base, Legacy, Cthulhu, etc.) - 2
Arboretum - 7
Flamme Rouge - 0
The Bloody Inn - 0
Istanbul - 0
Betrayal Legacy - 2
Sheriff of Nottingham (w/Merry Men expansion) - 1
Arkham Horror the card game - 4
Lowlands - 0


Had a great game of TI4 (lost as the Xxcha, but got to pronounce the race as “Chicka-chick-AH” every time, so that counts as a win!), and we’ve already scheduled our March game (in which I will be playing the L-One-Z-One-X, and I have high hopes… last game I rushed all my dreadnoughts onto the table, and that worked out pretty well, so doing it again with a race designed for that should be fun!).

Played Forbidden Stars as an only 2 player game for the first time. It was a tonne of fun, although surprisingly long (there were 2 turns out of the 8 turn game that both my opponent and I didn’t launch a single attack, and I ended up winning on a technicality since we both had 1 objective but I controlled more planets… there was a last-turn dive for the win on my part that required me rolling 7 dice and getting at least 2 Shields plus a bunch of bolters… instead I got lots of bolters but only 1 Shield, which meant I couldn’t land troops and therefore couldn’t fight for control of my last objective). Still a fantastic game, but I’m thinking it may be only 3+ in the future.

Other than these, played a couple games of “Quacks of Qudasd;lkajfsdfas”, which was pretty good (I still prefer Incan Gold, but YMMV), and two games of Nemesis. Nemesis is pretty good… I don’t think it’s the greatest game ever, but it’s a solid design.