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2018 Christmas Boardgame advent calendar


Hi everyone,

My wife loves advent calendars, and this year she had the lovely idea that for our advent calendar we will play a game each evening. We alternate turns in choosing the game.
On one of the first evening, we started Charterstone, and we love the legacy aspect. Creating our village makes for a neat shared experience.
We played almost every evening except when we were too tired or had guests. Of course, if we feel like it, we play more than one game/session.

Up to now, we played:

  • Chartestone
  • Onitama
  • Istanbul
  • Azul
  • Arboretum
  • Hero Realms
  • Paperback
  • Welcome to
  • Tokyo Highway

Is anyone else doing something similar? If yes what are you playing?


That’s a fun idea, though I don’t think we could manage that. There’s just too many evenings where there’s too much to get done before bed to have time for a game.


I was in the middle of responding when I heard Al getting into the cookies.
I LOVE the idea, but yea our kiddos are hardcore.
Which is why I think we could manage a 12 days kinda advent thing. It gives leeway
Pouch, we each pick 6 games, slips of paper with game names, we take turns drawing for our game. What do you think?


That might work.


That sounds like a great idea! The drawing adding a bit of suspense.
We try to not be too strict about it. Our son (2 years old) just came down with an ear infection and yesterday we were too wiped to play anything.
To cope with the madness of life some evenings we just played in bed on the tablet (we quite like the apps for Onitama, Istanbul and Lord of Waterdeep)


What I did was take 12 quarters and drew 1-12 with permanent marker (and 2 with nail polish before I realized marker would easier) and put them in this. Sock.
The sock has a back story of just magically appearing one day, it’s not mine, but always ends up my over stuffed sock drawer. It’s green and stretchy, so gets the job done.
We picked 12 games, and hope to play our first game today. (Though it 5:30, my kids are awake, and going on 4 hours sleep, so we will sees)


Nice! Where you able to have your first play? What did you play?
We had to skip a couple of days because life happens. But yesterday we were able to play the 7th game of Charterstone and it was pretty satisfying.
Our son’s ear infection is almost passed so hopefully we’ll be able to play more regularly until Christmas.


We did not, though we did play some games (7 Wonders Duel and Patchwork).

Though now that I think about it, Sheriff of Nottingham is in our list of games and we did play it with some friends last night, though we did didn’t choose it randomly. So it might count?


It would count for a 10×10 challenge, so…?


Definitely counts :slight_smile:

I saw the 10x10 challenge and it sounds like a great idea! However taking it on in December is a bit of a stretch :smiley:


We had a birthday party for a friend and had him draw a game. He drew Shogun. Not the most young kiddos underfoot friendly, so we only played one year.
So I tend to almost always play blue in games to keep track of my guy (note I had been severely sleep deprived until recently when I got a c-pap device)
Blue happens to be Uesugi Kenshin, who was played in a drama by Gackt. So I might need to make a custom board someday .


Played another game on our 12 Games of Christmas list, so we’re a quarter of the way done, and we have half of the twelve days of Christmas left to do the rest. Probably not going to make it within that time frame, but bet we can play all the games at some point in the relatively near future.


@superjaz never played Shougun but I totally get reducing the length of a game due to sleep deprivation :smiley:
@COMaestro nice, the advents calendar is just a pretext to play more games so it can definitely spill over in the new year

My wife and I were able close our advents calendar by playing Welcome to… and Azul with some friends on the 24th. In addition we finished Charterstone 12th and final campaign game on the 23rd, which I have to say was pretty satisfying. Looking back I think we managed to play 19/20 out of 24 evenings which was a great way to close the year.

As a new year resolution we decided to play more games and set a regular weekly date to play, we started last week with Keyforge (she destroyed me but I enjoyed the game). Let’s how long we can keep at it.

Hope you all had a great start of 2019!


What a fabulous idea. 2019 goals!!