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2018 Challenge: 10 Plays of 10 Games!


That is a fine list, sir… and yeah, Gloomhaven has made completing OTHER games very difficult.

Can you explain to me “Outfoxed”? I sell a lot of it at the store, but mostly I say “It’s by the same people who made Forbidden Island, but aimed at a younger audience… and it has something to do with a fox stealing pies from chicken-detectives, and dice…”.

Other than not knowing Outfoxed and not liking High Society (it’s fine! It’s fine. And the new edition is beautiful!), your list is amazing! Good taste in games!



Outfoxed is good because it involves deduction simple enough for a 3-4 year old to follow. Roll 3 dice to get sets of 3. 3 eyes, you flip over 2 suspect cards, 3 paw prints, you move on the board to get clues, no set, the fox moves 3 spaces closer to escaping. The clue gimmick is a nice touch - you put the clue on the holder that holds and hides the thief card. Each thief card has 3 green dots on it. Each clue has a cutout in a different spot. You slide open the holder, and the cutout reveals either a green dot - the thief is wearing a scarf! Or not - the thief isn’t wearing a scarf! And so you eliminate suspects.

My daughter experimented today - she lied about a clue she found, so we eliminated all the suspects who weren’t wearing gloves. As a result, the guilty fox got away and we arrested the wrong one =)

Anyway, long story short, rolling dice sets with a cute theme “who stole the pie?” and simple deduction. Seems to work.


My end of November update:
10 for 10:
71 games played as of November 1
Gloomhaven (20)
Arkham Horror LCG (16 → 17) (11/3/18)
Terra Mystica (13 → 14) (11/12/18)
Century: Golem Edition (10 → 11) (11/22/18)
Stuffed Fables (7)
Pandemic: Legacy Sn 2 (8)
Ex Libris (3 → 4) (11/24/18)
Mottainai (4)
Roll for the Galaxy (6 → 7) (11/22/18)
Via Nebula (3)
73 plays as of the end of November