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2018 Challenge: 10 Plays of 10 Games!


That is a fine list, sir… and yeah, Gloomhaven has made completing OTHER games very difficult.

Can you explain to me “Outfoxed”? I sell a lot of it at the store, but mostly I say “It’s by the same people who made Forbidden Island, but aimed at a younger audience… and it has something to do with a fox stealing pies from chicken-detectives, and dice…”.

Other than not knowing Outfoxed and not liking High Society (it’s fine! It’s fine. And the new edition is beautiful!), your list is amazing! Good taste in games!



Outfoxed is good because it involves deduction simple enough for a 3-4 year old to follow. Roll 3 dice to get sets of 3. 3 eyes, you flip over 2 suspect cards, 3 paw prints, you move on the board to get clues, no set, the fox moves 3 spaces closer to escaping. The clue gimmick is a nice touch - you put the clue on the holder that holds and hides the thief card. Each thief card has 3 green dots on it. Each clue has a cutout in a different spot. You slide open the holder, and the cutout reveals either a green dot - the thief is wearing a scarf! Or not - the thief isn’t wearing a scarf! And so you eliminate suspects.

My daughter experimented today - she lied about a clue she found, so we eliminated all the suspects who weren’t wearing gloves. As a result, the guilty fox got away and we arrested the wrong one =)

Anyway, long story short, rolling dice sets with a cute theme “who stole the pie?” and simple deduction. Seems to work.


My end of November update:
10 for 10:
71 games played as of November 1
Gloomhaven (20)
Arkham Horror LCG (16 → 17) (11/3/18)
Terra Mystica (13 → 14) (11/12/18)
Century: Golem Edition (10 → 11) (11/22/18)
Stuffed Fables (7)
Pandemic: Legacy Sn 2 (8)
Ex Libris (3 → 4) (11/24/18)
Mottainai (4)
Roll for the Galaxy (6 → 7) (11/22/18)
Via Nebula (3)
73 plays as of the end of November


Mid December update – still a long way to go, but mostly do-able. I’m at 8 games of Stuffed Fables but I’ve hit a snag – my 10yo son, with whom I have been playing the game and picked it so I’d get more gaming in with him – has declared he doesn’t want to play it anymore this year.

So I’ve swallowed my pride and promised him I won’t bug him to play it again until he brings it up. So at most it will be a 98 game run.


My friend better bring my copy of hanamikoji back soon or else I’m going to be pissed.


Quests completed:

Gloomhaven 1 10/10

Gloomhaven 2 10/10

Dead of Winter 10/10

Mansions 2nd Ed 10/10

Roll for the galaxy 10/10

Kingdom Death Monster 10/10

Lord of the rings LCG 10/10

AH LCG 10/10

codenames:duet 10/10

And a surprise last minute Arkham Horror Version 3 got a good run out at the end of the year 10/10

So that makes 10x10, some obvious, some surprises!


I failed utterly with this, as Gloomhaven totally took over my year of board gaming. In a good way, played some 56 scenarios. and a few pen 7 paper RPG sessions through in, and a flooded apartment for 2 months.
A handful of Arkham Horror LCG, a bunch of Terraforming mars and a bunch of others.
Sadly I lost my notes in the move. as I was tracking wins/losses and who played.


There’s an app for that.


Oooh, it’s gonna be a nail-biter of a finish here… I have 4 games unplayed in 2018 on my list, and my intent was to spend all day today (my 2nd day off since November) playing all four of them.


My dear brother is visiting from Vancouver for a few days, and he has brought his delightful partner Alana. This is… interesting. My brother usually relishes any opportunity to crush his younger sibling (me) at anything (I won a national Kendo tournament once, and he insisted that he could beat me at the sport days later…), but Alana isn’t usually into games. Which means while I would happily pull out Sekigahara for Alex to beat me at (it’s so much fun, losing is almost as much of a joy as winning!), I can’t if he wants to include her. And it’s not on the list, regardless…

Ditto for Armada… he’d pick the game up quick enough, but it’s only 2 players at best. So if Alana wants to play, that could be difficult.

Terraforming Mars could work, but my partner isn’t a huge fan of my brother (too competitive/argumentative for her tastes, and I totally respect that) and there’s no way I’m playing that one 2 player or trying to explain it to Alana. Escape: Zombie City might work… at least it’s co-operative.

I may have to abandon the dream in order to play Treasure Island, which I think could be a blast… but we will see.


I trust you allowed him to try and made him into a mewling slave begging for mercy?


I did not.

The thing about Kendo is that it has a lot of rules (like fencing)… where “legal” points to strike are, how hard you need to hit, which hands to use on the sword, etc… So while I would be trying to win a match… my brother would’ve just pummeled me into a bloody mess and declared himself the victor. And we both know it.


Well, then he wouldn’t be besting you at Kendo would he? That’s like me challenging him to golf, him accepting then bashing me with the bag.


… which, in all fairness, he might try.

I joke about golf, of course, but the difference is that Kendo is a “martial” art (debatable), in which you are attempting to sorta kinda simulate a fight… so if he wins a fight, he has at least an argument. It would be a bit more like boxing against a street fighter. Anyway.

It went okay! Turns out Alana loves zombies, so we played 4 games of Escape: Zombie City back-to-back (lost the first, crushed the next 3 in a row). We then played a game of Treasure Island with me playing Long John… Andy won just after the half-way point with a great, lucky Full Gallop across the map followed by a Large Search that happened to catch the tiny island off the coast where I had buried the treasure. Great fun, but I was a bit of a rubbish Long John (my opening hint was far, far too good… I eliminated the top 1/3rd of the map far too quickly).

Anyway! So, one game down, three to go (Galaxy Trucker, Space Alert, and Armada). I might manage to convince Andy to play them between now and Jan 1st…


Well, that’s it for 2018. Not too shabby, including a few last-minute plays of Zombie City and Galaxy Trucker…

Looking forward to 2019! Thank you to everyone who participated, and hopefully it helped you gain a little motivation, a little encouragement, and a lot of fun!


Made it 81 plays by the end. See y’all next year!
Gloomhaven (20)
Arkham Horror LCG (17)
Terra Mystica (14))
Century: Golem Edition (11 → 12) (12/14/18)
Pandemic: Legacy Sn 2 (8 → 10) (12/31/18, 12/31/18)
Stuffed Fables (7 → 8)
Ex Libris (4 → 5) (12/15/18)
Mottainai (4 → 5) (12/23/18)
Roll for the Galaxy (7 → 8) (12/20/18)
Via Nebula (3 → 5) (12/8/18, 12/9/18)


I had only 23 out of 100 plays, so my 10x10 was quite the failure. I didn’t even get four of the games to the table, two of which have never been played (which is why they were on the list to begin with).


I changed more than half of the games on my list. :laughing: Ended up with 48 plays, but I think I played Gloomhaven and Arkham Horror LCG at least that many times each.

Overall, I’m very pleased with finally having gotten to play Cyclades! This year I need to get over my own hesitance for suggesting certain games (some of which I’ve had for 5 years!) and finally play them.