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2018 Challenge: 10 Plays of 10 Games!


Oops… forgot to update this last month. Anyhoo, whatever. All I know is that if I’d had the foresight to include Mysterium and Splendor on this list, I’d be racking up a lot more plays.

Carcassonne (5)
Codenames (10+)
Dominion (10+)
Escape: The Curse of the Temple ()
Jaipur (2)
King of Tokyo (8)
Leaving Earth (6)
Patchwork (9)
Race for the Galaxy (10+)
Snowbirds (5)
Sushi Go! (10+)


Update for August so far:

Inis [1]
Concordia [8]
Flamme Rouge [2]
Imperial Assault (possible due to app) [3]
Marvel Legendary [3]
Dungeon Petz (which I’ve owned for over a year and has still gone unplayed!) [0]
Five Tribes (ditto) [0]
Istanbul [0]
Castles of Mad King Ludwig [0]
Space Hulk: Death Angel [0]

So I’m on 17 plays out of the 100. Finally got Inis to the table, but because of the length of the game it probably won’t come out very often for the rest of the year. Still glad I own it, though, because it is a wonderful design. I do think the play time will lessen a bit as those I play with learn all the Action cards, so they don’t have to spend so long reading each one. I do hope it will hit the table some more in any case.


September 1 update

53 games played as of August 1
Gloomhaven (17)
Terra Mystica (8 → 10) (+2: 8/22/18, 8/25/18)
Stuffed Fables (7)
Pandemic: Legacy Sn 2 (8)
Ex Libris (3)
Century: Golem Edition (9)
Arkham Horror LCG (0 → 7) (+7: 8/4/18, 8/7/18, 8/9/18, 8/12/18 x2, 8/18/18, 8/19/18)
Mottainai (3)
Roll for the Galaxy (2 → 3) (+1; 8/11/18)
Via Nebula (3)
63 plays as of the end of August

Finished Terra Mystica and made a big leap forward in Arkham Horror LCG. Now I’m itchin’ to finish the Dunwich campaign. Golem still eludes me, but not for long.


Another play of Twilight Imperium 4th Edition! Woo! Only 4 players, and I did not do so great, but still an amazing game that I love with all my heart.

Nothing else other than more plays of Gloomhaven, unfortunately. I mean, played a lot of really great games (two plays of GKR: Heavy Hitters, a few plays of Parade, Crossing, Greedy Greedy Goblins, and three plays of Star Trek Ascendancy), but none from the list.

I did pick up the Rise of Fenris campaign for Scythe, though, so I’m hoping to shotgun that whole thing tomorrow! It looks so cool


Capital 7
Century 10+. Cracked it! 5-1 in recent games. [Sings to tune of george of the jungle] Cube, cube, cube cubey cu-bey, cubey cubey cuoobe.


Look out for that CUBE!


How do you like tintas? I love the look of it but it is pretty pricey.

Also, how do you like cat lady? Does it hold up over time?


I love it. I could opine about how fantastic the strategy and tactics are for such a simple game, but there are reviews for that on youtube. This does mean it is immensely satisfying to squeeze in a game over coffee, and this means it gets played alot, which is more relevant to your question I think.

I think this simplicity makes it unusual. It is not something like hive, which is excellent but more involved. I can teach it in literally two minutes to almost anyone and they will likely feel engaged within a couple of moves - the tactics are that approachable. Moreover, the margins of victory feel slight. I find this makes it compulsively playable, as players attempt to right the small missteps of the previous game.

I think its accessibility, beauty and tactility contribute to a game for warm, quiet moments and I have enjoyed it most played outside on a sunny evening, with a beer. It’s quite lovely.


Well, not a great month for playing (although they’re only going to get worse from here on out… November and December are AWFUL months to work at a game store), but we got started on our “Rise of Fenris” campaign… and then couldn’t play the second game because one of my regulars who wasn’t available when we started the campaign became available again.

7 is an awkward number of players for “serious” games. We played Captain Sonar last week, and that was great, and then several rounds of Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space which continues to be spectacular… even though apparently I’ve been playing it wrong for a very, very long time (I thought everyone’s turn was simultaneous! Apparently that’s not the case!).

Anyway, no complaints from me. I’ve been playing good games, just not ones on my list! Hopefully another game of TI:4 and a couple Inis in October.


All those were pretty easy and went well past 10 apart from Roll.

I am giving up on Terraforming Mars, as that is stalled on 1. Pandemic Legacy Season 2 is still slowly struggling along with 5/10.

In the meantime, coming up on the rails, codenames:duet has reached 10, as has an amalgam of all exit/unlock games. Is changing horse bets mid-race cheating? :slight_smile:


Go for it!


63 games played as of September 1
Gloomhaven (17 → 18) (9/16/17)
Arkham Horror LCG (7 → 13) (9/9/18, 9/13/18, 9/15/19, 9/16/18, 9/20/18, 9/27/18)
Terra Mystica (10 → 11) (9/27/17))
Century: Golem Edition (9 → 10) (9/2/18)
Stuffed Fables (7)
Pandemic: Legacy Sn 2 (8)
Ex Libris (3)
Mottainai (3 → 4) (9/7/18)
Roll for the Galaxy (3 → 5) (9/3/18, 9/24/18)
Via Nebula (3)
70 plays as of the end of September

4 games complete.
Ex Libris will be the hardest one to get played, as I’m getting very little positive feedback when I suggest it. Nonetheless, I feel like it’s possible this year.


A slow month for gaming, although I got a few good ones in (a couple games of Critical Mass, Nmbr 9, Shifty Eyed Spies, Shogun (Dirk Henn’s), and Empires of the Void 2, which is a great number of games, but none from the list).

Only 2 months to go… and it’s not looking good. I think Armada, Space Alert, and Escape: ZC are probably beyond hope at this point. Inis and Twilight Imperium might still pull it off, and Imperial Assault is a great day to play on a snow day, and Terraforming Mars is quick enough that it’s probably fine.

Ooh, and Game 2 of the Scythe “Rise of Fenris” campaign is tonight! Woo! So I may modify that number later today…
(Edit: Yep! Scythe is happening… and I am ticking that number up by one as a result…)


With last night and this weekend, I’m officially done with one game and have played over 20% of my 100 play challenge.

Inis [2]
Concordia [10]
Flamme Rouge [3]
Imperial Assault (possible due to app) [3]
Marvel Legendary [3]
Dungeon Petz (which I’ve owned for over a year and has still gone unplayed!) [0]
Five Tribes (ditto) [0]
Istanbul [0]
Castles of Mad King Ludwig [0]
Space Hulk: Death Angel [0]

My goal at this point is to play each game of my challenge at least once. Space Hulk will be easy, as I can solo it. I’m not going to hold my breath for Five Tribes and Dungeon Petz, as I’ve had them both for a couple of years now and they still haven’t hit the table :frowning:


Oooh, I like the idea of making sure you play each of your games at least once before the end of the year!

I may inflict that idea on my partner when I have days off again in late December… just a single day to play Armada, Escape: ZC, Space Alert and Galaxy Trucker…

That’s a really neat idea… thanks for suggesting it!


You’re welcome! I figure it’s a small victory to at least play each game once, even if I don’t hit the full 10x10.

Lucky for you, two of your games only take about ten minutes each to play. Good luck with it!


I like the idea . . . but it seems fairly impossible :smiley:

Maybe once I am retired . . .


I think he means each game from the 10x10. That’s certainly what I meant, at least.

The All x 1 is a different challenge entirely.


Eighth game of TI:4… I played the Barony of Letnev, and played a clean game of advanced warning (“I am going to take your homeworld next turn, sorry about that…”) without any backstabbing or subterfuge. Came in 2nd overall (the Jol-Nar won despite me capturing Nar after their most steadfast ally gave them their Support for the Throne for their 10th point), tied with the Arborec, with everyone else with 6 points.

Going to see if I can squeeze in one more play before the end of the year (even if “only” a 4 player game), and then hopefully 1 play of each of the unplayed games from this year.

It’s been a damn good year for games, and I hope to finish the year strong!


Just to see how I would have done, I tried compiling a list with hindsight. As expected though, two games dominated, Gloomhaven single-handedly made 10 x 10 virtually impossible.

Gloomhaven 25+
Innovation 20+
The Mind 15+
Outfoxed 10+
Dominion 6
High Society 6
Flamme Rouge 6
Tash-Kalar 4
Codenames 4
Race for the Galaxy 3