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2018 Challenge: 10 Plays of 10 Games!


Hey @webs, I did change a few.

Last year’s list was:
Mechs vs Minions (10)
Captain Sonar (2)
Scythe (6)
Forbidden Stars (5)
Star Wars: Imperial Assault (6)
Star Wars: Armada (1)
Mysterium (3)
Rex (5)
Game of Thrones (0)
Twilight Imperium (4)

So there’s a fair amount of overlap (Imperial Assault, TI:4th, Armada, Scythe), but the majority of them are new.


I can relate to that. With my girlfriend, it’s more that her interest in board games in general is not that high. She plays and enjoys smaller two player games like Jaipur, Patchwork or Splendor (and unfortunately we lent the former to to a couple we know), but it’s almost impossible to get her to play anything more complex/with a theme she doesn’t care about. Add the occasional tiredness (moreso now she’s pregnant again), and you can imagine how often we manage to play…:thinking:
So when your life hopefully gets less stressful, you might be better off than me in that regard.
I’ve noticed that the prospect of having to learn new rules is probably what keeps quite a number of people from getting more into the hobby. Half the guys in my Shadespire group are not interested in learning any other games besides that.


Yeah, gaming is not something my wife would actively pursue if I were not interested in it, but she is pretty supportive of my hobby and does enjoy a good number of the games we own, so I am very lucky in that regard.


First number is how many total games, second number is how many last month.
Gloomhaven is going to get its goal CRUSHED by the end of February at the rate we’re going. Scythe shouldn’t pose much of a problem after that.

Now, I may have purchased a bunch of other games recently (I work at a game store, I have saved enough money to get my next two novels professionally edited, and I am weak), so the big “problem” will be to focus on these 10 games to get them up to their numbers while not playing back-to-back games of Azul, Stuffed Fables, or Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space.

First world problems, man… first world problems.

Anyway! One month down, 11 to go! We got this, folks.


Update on progress


From our 10x5

A Feast for Odin ()
Great Western Trail (1)
Concordia (1)
Arkham Horror LCG ()
Mystic Vale (1)
The Gallerist ()
Dice City ()
Nusfjord (4)
Reykholt ()
TBD ()


So far, so… adequate? Oddly enough, I think I need fewer friends over for game nights so I can get to more of the 4-player stuff.

Carcassonne (1)
Codenames (3)
Dominion (1)
Escape: The Curse of the Temple ()
Jaipur ()
King of Tokyo ()
Leaving Earth (3)
Patchwork (1)
Race for the Galaxy ()
Snowbirds (3)
Sushi Go! (1)


Our list changed a bit (and still might) but we have

  1. Sagrada 8/10

  2. Five Tribes 2/10

  3. dinosaur island 2/10

  4. Shadows of brimstone 2/10

  5. Cutthroat Caverns 1/10

  6. Dojo Kun 1/10

  7. Xenoshyft 1/10

  8. Millennium Blades 0/10

  9. Xia: legends of a Drift System 0/10

  10. Robinson Crusoe 0/10

17 plays in the month is great, but I fear it will slow down a good chunk once Sagrada is finally finished. Cutthroat Caverns is also proving to be difficult to get played, as it encourages higher player counts, but not high enough to get to the size of my weekly game night.


Gloomhaven has crushed its goal, but at the expense of several others. Oh well… played 2 games of “GKR: Heavy Hitters”, which is interesting… shallow, but fun… and one trial run of “Rising Sun” which shows promise. I’m not sure it’ll be a great game, but it’s not bad.

Also, another game of TI:4th in a week, and Tuesday should be a great, big, long gaming day (one of my buddies is coming over at 10am to start playing, with everyone else showing up whenever they can… he’s a teacher and has this week off, and as a writer/game store employee, I have random days off).

Anyway! Progress!


Making good progress, maybe I should set out TM onthe table to encourage some games of that to happen with the new expansion


I have played 27 games of Gloomhaven and not much else, but I kind of suspected that might happen. :stuck_out_tongue: This might turn into a 100 X 1, heh.


I’m now at 2 out of 100 plays! I’m flying now!

At this point, I think I’ll be happy if I just get a 10 x 1 done.


Phew, March was a busy month! A couple games of Inis (still lovely, although I desperately await the new expansion…), a few games of Cry Havoc, and another game of GKR: Heavy Hitters in addition to those listed (plus a bunch of new stuff I’ve only tried once so far… Hardback, Go Cuckoo, Cockroach Poker, and a game of Eclipse…).

Writing this reminds me I need to schedule my next game of Twilight Imperium… we’ve maintained about 1 game a month thus far, and I’d really like to keep that up. Fantastic game!


Been busy, but not in the game-playing sense. Bigger numbers than the last time I checked, though, so progress!

Carcassonne (1)
Codenames (6)
Dominion (1)
Escape: The Curse of the Temple ()
Jaipur (1)
King of Tokyo (3)
Leaving Earth (5)
Patchwork (3)
Race for the Galaxy ()
Snowbirds (3)
Sushi Go! (4)


New to the forum, and this is kinda cheaty because I’ve already played some of these this year, but here’s my list from today forward, looking at the games I’ve played thus far in 2018 and extrapolating.

Gloomhaven (9)
Stuffed Fables (6)
Pandemic: Legacy Sn 2 (5)
Ex Libris (3)
Century: Golem Edition (3)
Terra Mystica (2)
Arkham Horror LCG (0)
Mottainai (0)
Roll for the Galaxy (0)
Via Nebula (0)

Looking forward to checking in each month!


I’m back already! Here’s my “beginning of May” check in. 1 of 10 done.

Gloomhaven (12) (+3)
Century: Golem Edition (7) (+4)
Stuffed Fables (6)
Pandemic: Legacy Sn 2 (5)
Ex Libris (3)
Terra Mystica (3) (+1)
Arkham Horror LCG (0)
Mottainai (0)
Roll for the Galaxy (0)
Via Nebula (0)


Gah, April was a bad month for my big name games… tried out some new ones, but none were great. Vengeance was thoroughly okay (not worth retrying, in my opinion), played a bunch of Hand of the King
which continues to be simple fun, and tried my first Exit The Game (The Abandoned Cabin), which is 100% not my kind of game but wasn’t awful.

Oh, and like a billion games of Go Cuckoo.


Agree. Also, try replaying the game with different person. I’ve played the same scenario with my husband, and later with my friend :arrow_right: utterly different love stories!!


I start late, but I have my BGG stats, so I know my numbers!
I won’t mention games I don’t really want to play so much.

Mysterium (26) WOW, I’ve already forgot how much we played it in the winter!
Splendor (6)
Forbidden Desert (5)
Akrotiri (3)
Jaipur (3)
Tzolk’in (3)
Grizzled (3)
Fresco (2)
Galaxy Trucker (1)


New month new stats!

The release of the full set of Haradrim cards has helped LOTR LCG (and more AHLCG) as has my second group kicking off GH. Hmm, looks like I am even more obsessed/dependent on campaign games than I thought!