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2018 Challenge: 10 Plays of 10 Games!


Well, it’s a new year.
Technically, as a physicist, I feel obliged to point out that our relative position around our local star has changed only by 1/356th of a full orbit, and that this arbitrary date is no more or less significant than any other day.

That stated, I would like to congratulate everyone on their successful circumnavigation of the sun, and wish everybody the best on our next full orbit.

Towards that end: Last year there was a thread chronicling the efforts of a few of us to try and play 10 specific games a minimum of 10 times. I did… not so well… but in lockstep with Quinn’s stated goals of trying to spend less on our lovely hobby, I figured… why not try again?

My 10 Games I Will Be Trying To Play a Minimum of 10 Times This Year:

Imperial Assault
Twilight Imperium 4th Edition
Star Wars Armada
Terraforming Mars
Escape: Zombie City
Space Alert
Galaxy Trucker

Right! Feel free to join me if you so desire… I’ll post once a month or so to update on the number of plays I’ve managed to get with each of the games. Lot of heavyweights in there, but I have a stable, amazing group of gaming friends, so anything is possible!


Awesome list!

I’ll join you! My wife and I are yet to compile our 10. We’re doing 5 plays only, so we stand a chance! I’ll edit this thread once I have the completed list. We’re also attempting a 5x5 with the small people in our house.

Edit: We’ve chosen seven games for the grown-up list and two for the small-people list. There are games coming out this year that I’m looking forward to, so they’ll be added when they join my collection, games like Reykholt, Nusfjord, Rise of Queensdale, Century; Eastern Wonders, that card crafting game that isn’t Mystic Vale etc. The list is in flux, as Mystic Vale is one that hits the table alot, so I’m tempted to sub out for Concordia. Guildhall’s in there as a lighter game because sometimes, a full day with work and kids is exhausting.


A Feast for Odin ()
Great Western Trail ()
Guildhall ()
Arkham Horror LCG ()
Mystic Vale ()
The Gallerist ()
Dice City ()


Sagrada ()
Super Rhino Hero Battle ()


Moving my list from the previous thread:

Roll for the Galaxy (5)
Castles of Burgundy (3)
Concordia (1)
Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 (9)
Inis (1)
Grand Austria Hotel (5)
Troyes (2)
Viticulture EE (2)
Fox in the Forest (3)
Great Western Trail (4)


Ooooh. Yes, I’m gonna try this. But can it be ten plays of 8 games? I only own 8 games that I want to play…
I mean, I also own twilight imperium, but 10 plays of that in a year is absurd.

Carcassonne ( )
Devastation of Indines ( )
Arkham Horror TCG ( )
Imperial Settlers ( )
Imperial Assault ( )
X-wing ( )
Armada ( )
Power Grid ( )


I’m… in? Maybe? There’s no way that real life will permit me to finish this, but let’s see what shakes out. Here’s my list of 11 games:

Escape: The Curse of the Temple
King of Tokyo
Leaving Earth
Race for the Galaxy
Sushi Go!

As much as I’d love this challenge to spur me to get Space Alert to the table 10+ times… I know my friends. More than once this year would be a fair goal. So it’s a mix of games I enjoy with my wife, and some that require a few friends. If I’m really lucky, at least one game of Leaving Earth won’t just be a solo excursion.

I picked 11 so I could add Snowbirds, which is a design I’ve been working on. Having it here is just an excuse to put some more work into it, work I’ve set on the back burner for a little longer than intended.


Gloomhaven (with new group and box)
Imperial Assault (yet to be bought :slight_smile: )
Terraforming Mars
Dead of Winter
Mansions 2nd Ed
Pandemic Season 2
Roll for the galaxy
Kingdon Death Monster
Lord of the rings LCG

I would add in AH LCG but I don’t know if they will bring out 10 more expansions for me to play. . … although I do have two unplayed right now. SHCD is also a possibility as I’ll be taking it all on a cruise next month.

I am pretty confident I’ll get through all of that!


I want to do an All x 1, so I’m not sure I could feasibly take on a 10x10 challenge. I might try for a 10x5 though - combined with an All x1, that should take me to around 100 plays, and so is roughly equivalent to a 10x10, right? :wink:

To choose 10 games though…

  1. Photosynthesis (1)
  2. Arctic Scavengers (with HQ & Recon)
  3. Settlers of Catan
  4. Asking for Trobils
  5. Escape: The Curse of the Temple
  6. Eight-Minute Empires: Legends
  7. Sushi Go (1)
  8. Mint Works
  9. Codenames (1)
  10. Hive

So that’s roughly 5 big box games, and 5 small games, and has some nice overlap with some of the games that I was going to require repeated plays of for my all x 1. Lets see how we go! :slight_smile:


My brother and I are splitting choices for a 10x10 for 2018

My 5 are


Millennium Blades (with most expansions)

Five Tribes

Cutthroat Caverns

Vikings gone wild

One of these may be swapped for Shadows of Brimstone

My brothers 5 are

XIA: legends of a drift system


Puerto Rico


Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport

One of these may change to Xenoshyft.


Having just spent the day playing Twilight Imperium, I’ve got a head start.

  1. Twilight Imperium 4th Edition
  2. Imperial Assault
  3. Gloomhaven
  4. Star Wars Armada
  5. Lords of Hellas
  6. Fog of Love
  7. Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
  8. Shadowrun: Anarchy
  9. Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective
  10. Monikers


I really enjoy fog of love, but not sure enough content is out quite yet to warrant 10 plays in a year. I’ve played twice now, and there are only 2 packs still sealed in the box.

  1. Gloomhaven (10)
  2. Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 (10)
  3. Arkham Horror: The Card Game (10)
  4. Cyclades (1)
  5. Aquasphere (1)
  6. The Gallerist (2)
  7. London Dread (3)
  8. Stuffed Fables (4)
  9. Arkham Horror 3rd edition (5)
  10. Altiplano (2)

Some of these will probably change… maybe in the next few days. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I changed this list so much. Out: Suburbia, City of Remnants, Alchemists, Near and Far, Cry Havoc, Panamax. In: Arkham Horror: The Card Game, The Gallerist, London Dread, Stuffed Fables, Arkham Horror 3rd edition, Altiplano


Good lord! I can’t even get one copy!

No way I could do this challenge, unless most of it was solo :frowning:


After I got the first kickstarter and liked it i knew my other group would want to play it and wanted to support the designer, so got on board the 2nd kickstarter too! Apparently I got that very swiftly as I’ve had it for a couple of months.

It took us a year to play 15 scenarios with my slow group, so 10 in a year should be fine… hopefully!


I’ll join this year in what seems to be the most worthwhile challenge for me. My games are:

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
Grand Austria :hotel:
Viticulture EE
Galaxy Trucker
Flamme Rouge
Imperial Assault (once the app is released in German)

I won’t include games that I’m sure I’ll play more than 10 times, like Shadespire or my daughters’s kids’ games.
@Marx09, have you taken exactly the same games as last year or changed some of them?


Well, my 2017x1 ended in failure, with just over 50% of my games played. So for 2018, I hope to play the games that did not get played in 2017, but also attempt a 10x10 with a mixture of new and old games. So, for me the games for the 10x10 are:

Inis [2]
Concordia [10]
Flamme Rouge [3]
Imperial Assault (possible due to app) [3]
Marvel Legendary [3]
Dungeon Petz (which I’ve owned for over a year and has still gone unplayed!) [0]
Five Tribes (ditto) [0]
Istanbul [0]
Castles of Mad King Ludwig [0]
Space Hulk: Death Angel [2]


I’m in the same camp, but didn’t want to get unrealistic. :neutral_face:


My biggest hurdle in getting new games to the table is, sadly, my wife. As I described in my most recent Last Played Game post, she has trouble learning new games when she’s tired. Unfortunately, with the way our lives are going at the moment, that is nearly all the time! So, any time I get a new game, she is rarely willing to give it a go unless there are other people also learning it, which I thinks helps her learn because I typically have to explain various rules multiple times to the different players. So then, we typically get together with friends only a couple of times a month at best, meaning there is not a lot of times my wife is really willing to learn a new game.

Once she has learned a game, then barring the occasional reminder of a rule, she’s usually pretty sharp. Lords of Waterdeep is one of her favorite games, and going by her win percentage there, she has a knack for worker placement mechanics, so I think Dungeon Petz, with the mechanics and the cute theme, would be a hit with her. It’s just finding the time when she’s not tired to learn and play it and I think it’s one we could pull out now and then with just the two of us.


This is an excellent idea and I think I can make it with the right games:

  1. Arkham Horror LCG (this is the easiest as I suspect I will do it in with just the last 4 scenarios in Carcosa)
  2. Meeple Circus (it’s the newest favorite family game)
  3. The Quest for El Dorado (my son likes deck builders and has enjoyed this one so far)
  4. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective (my wife and I were on a hiatus for a while but we “solved” three cases last month so I expect we can make 10 plays this year)
  5. Dominion (speaking of deck builders, this still gets played at least once per month)
  6. Metagame (this has seen a LOT of play recently so 10 should be easy peasy)
  7. Star Wars Imperial Assault (I was never able to get anyone into it but with the new app I should be able to enjoy it solo…so I think I will)
  8. A Feast for Odin (I play this at least once a month)
  9. 7th Continent (I reserve the right to replace this with something else if the second kickstarter fails to deliver in a reasonable time period this year)
  10. Sidereal Confluence (this is entirely aspirational…maybe if I made a TTS mod for it)


There are a great many scenes, though I think the replayability really comes from role-playing as different characters and doing what you think they’d do, to dysfunctional ends of course. We’ll see though, I’m 3 games in and still haven’t played past the first scenario.


This isn’t 100 percent on topic, but my secondary resolution/goal is to buy a maximum of two new games this year. I want to really focus on enjoying and digging deeper into the games I already have.

I think a lot of times, I will buy a new game so that I can continue to be a part of the hobby, even when I don’t have time or people to game with. I’m not sure that is a good enough reason for me, especially since games can become more fun the more you play them.

I plan to find other ways to stay engaged like making inserts, confirming rules for games I already know, considering strategies for games I have, ect.