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15% coupon code for Fowers Games (makers of Fugitive, Burgle Bros, ...)


I the one by @Zenmaster already used? Then someone broke the game… :angry:


I tried it said:

“Your cart does not meet the requirements for the HWWW-86XA-7YN0 discount code” :woman_shrugging:


Looks like someone didn’t pass on the love :sob:


Hey Fowers games people!

Someone broke the chain, but here is a coupon code we can all use!


And I just got emailed a code too!

Let’s resurrect this and pass on the love!


(And yes, @MinuteWalt - I said I wasn’t buying any more games…)


(I said I wasn’t either! I mean, I may have accidentally…)



Thanks for the code, below is a new code for 15% that expires on 9/6:



Till September 7th


Til September 9th


Used the one above, paying it forward


Used the one above. New code till Sep 10th


Thank you so much for the code! Cant wait for it to arrive!
here is a new one,


expires september 12


For what it;'s worth to people my copy of Fugitive arrived today, so others waiting for theirs keep an eye on your letterbox.


A Christmas purchase of Paperback (wife got me the expansion without the base game so gave me the inescapable excuse) and Fugitive (well it would be rude not to while I’m there) got me the following code for a 15% discount at Fowers games:


Don’t have any more budget for games myself, and my friends will just play mine, so thought I’d pass it forward here again


Here’s a new one!