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15% coupon code for Fowers Games (makers of Fugitive, Burgle Bros, ...)



Just used one from here. Thanks! This is a fresh one expires June 8, 2018



Appreciate the code. Signed up to give one back.


So glad I googled and stumbled upon this SU&SD forum. Yay!
Just bought Fugitive using the code above. So, also spreading the love:
9KVK-H900-4G9E expires June 17, 2018 at 2:10pm.


I just used this, thanks. Will post my code assuming I get one.


Here you go you lucky people –


Expires on June 17, 2018, 3:00 PM


Thanks! Finally picked up Paperback so here’s my code:



Here you go.



Thanks! Joined the forum to pass along



Picked up Burgle Bros and Fugitive using the last coupon code. Paying it forward with mine:


Much appreciated!


Did the same and thanks.
next code is:


Here’s the next code:



Thanks a lot for that coupon code for Fowers Games!

Here is the next!




45B8-W9WM-O3QC (The O may be a zero - not sure)


Thanks! Next one is:







Please, kids, try to give more than one or three word answers. This is beginning to look like a numbers-station.

Please reference what game you’re providing a coupon code for, and write a few words to prove you’re not a bot, or we may have to shut it down. Let’s do some basic Turing-test activities here, please. I’m tired of having to do this manually.


Not sure what number-station etc. means.

With great thanks, I used a code from here to buy “Paperback” for a friend.

To reciprocate, I joined this forum. I would not shut down this thread, because it has gained this site at least a few new members from what I can tell, including me. Had never seen this site before.

Fresh 15% off code, good for the next 30 days:


Pay it forward!


I included a link to the definition of “numbers-station” above when I posted it @Zenmaster. If you weren’t sure, you should have clicked the link. There’s also this thing we have these days, it’s weird, I think it’s called a “search engine,” and also this super cool new thing called “the internet.”

(EDIT: Your last post was perfect, though, sorry for the sarcasm, no one could possibly think you’re a bot, and that’s a decent bargain, 15% is nothing to sneeze at, nice code, well played, and I’m glad you found us. My favorite mother-in-law is in the hospital for a “cardiac event,” whatever that means, and I was a little on edge when I wrote that, I didn’t mean to take it out on you like that, I apologize.)

Anyway, when we get nothing but hexidecimal, 4x8/3x4 alphanumeric, or any other code, it hits alarms that automatically flags someone’s post, and an actual human has to look at it to verify that the post wasn’t made by a bot. Otherwise it gets deleted after a period of time (or by a mod or admin) and no one gets the bargain.

In The Purchase Chamber, everyone, please try to say at least a few words in normal human understandable language to keep the ban-bots away.


Anyone have any unused codes left? :slight_smile: Yes… I just listened to podcast #82 :sweat_smile: